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loosening of the sphincter

my recent horoscope on helped me realize that i really am an anal/too serious person most of the time.
there have been people in my life who were upbeat and pleasant to be around, i would follow them around like a puppy dog feeding off their good energy. i have been known to be that way (really happy)from time to time, also, but a lot of the time i am tightly wound and irritable FOR NO APPARENT REASON....well actually, i think the reason is that i am so scared of all the things i can't control in life that i grab hold of the things i can control and take them way way too seriously. i have been noticing that i sleep with my muscles tightened and my hands balled into fists. this is a bad thing.
the next person i want in my life is someone who will help me relax and laugh a lot lot more...or i guess i could develop a drinking habit....

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