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update (after my boss' breath left my neck)

So labrujah and I did the modelling thing on Sunday. It took a long time. I am curious to see what the pictures turned out like. I am the most unphotogenic person on the planet. The modelling thing was not very glamourous but it was cool because I got to spend more time with labrujah who i don't get to chat with much even though we live together. Afterwards, we went over to the Queens Museum of Art to see some of our fellow Fluxers at the opening of the new show. I got to meet Greg Tate and Tahir Hemphill, two artists I have been wanting to meet for a while. There were loads of people there. I was a bit impressed.

Hmm what else? I am so-so about work. I wish they would give me a yeah or nay about whether they will be able to hire me as a permanent staff member. i am kinda sitting back and waiting for things to be decided for me because at this point I am not sure what would be best.

I am now pursuing a top-secret crush.....hopefully something interesting happens.

My exciting Dia De Los Muertos room is coming together slowly. I will paint this weekend. I am trying to decide on sensible yet exciting colors. I am definitely gonna do a mustard on some walls.....I think....and maybe some purple...aaahh my high school colors are haunting me!


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