blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Staying together for the parents, he said

Today at a temp job an influential person took interest in me. Maybe it will amount to something?

Yesterday at The Delancey I tried to harass Nick Nolte, (as it turned out I was trapped in the middle of his latest movie's wrap party) but ending up having a good chat with his roommate of 15 years instead. John-- a 66 year old man who was losing his hearing and had recently had his knee, hips ankles replaced. He ambled around the roof with a cane and fuzzy house slippers, spoke with a careful draw ("I'm from Warshingtun, DC", he told me), and told me how this moving was turning his life around. Meanwhile in another corner, D-Lister Timothy Hutton chatted up some 30-somethings in "essential little black dresses", as they giggled maniacally over his every anecdote.

Life and its component parts.

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