blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Why doesn't America do this?

From Kaiser's daily HIV/AIDS Report
Global Challenges | Indonesian Province To Fine Men Refusing To Wear Condoms During Sex With Sex Workers
[Oct 05, 2005]

Indonesia's Papua province has implemented a bylaw that aims to curb the spread of HIV by fining commercial sex workers' clients who refuse to wear condoms, the Jakarta Post reports. The penalty of up to $500 will be enforced in high-risk areas such as red-light districts, bars and hotels. Sex workers can report any customers who have refused to use condoms, Joseph Rinta, head of Merauke regency's health office, said. Rinta said his office will implement a three-month program to introduce the measure to sex workers and their customers. His office also has assigned a medical team to provide sex workers with monthly checkups. Those who test positive for a sexually transmitted disease will be required to stop working until they are given a clean bill of health. According to the provincial health office, 60,000 people across the province are at risk of contracting HIV (Dharma Somba, Jakarta Post, 10/5).

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