blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Jane magazine is evil and needs to be shut down

From Jane Magazine's weekly e-mail, The Low Down

What's it like interning at JANE? In one word...glorious. Especially since I am a thousand miles away from my home in Iowa. In three months I have learned to love New York's crowds of people from all over
the world, the city's random smells and going to bed when the sun comes up. There is, however, one downfall...missing my boyfriend, Joe. Luckily, I have found the key to surviving the summer in a long-distance relationship - Hershey's Take 5 candy bar. Sure, the four main ingredients (pretzels, caramel, peanut butter and milk chocolate) sound like typical candy bar goodies, but there is something oh so special about it. The layers of the bar are carefully constructed to create the most delicious and satisfying taste for anyone in need of a sweet treat or, in my case, a substitute boyfriend. In the end, the Take 5 is, in one word...glorious. -Bo Schroeder, intern

Wtf?!@#%&! ? I sure hope that is a paid internship.

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