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made plans stuck to em

i updated my six month plans a few days ago, and looking at my old ones i realized i accomplished about 75% of them so I am very impressed with myself. I am in a better working situation now and I am so very happy with my new home and I got dental care. Lots of stuff. I ride my bike and walk more now and that has made me a bit more fit though I could slow down on the ice cream and cookies. I am reading lots more now too. I just finished 'The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag' by Robert Heinlein and am currently reading 'The Trial' by Franz Kafka; both of these books were referenced in the first chapter of 'The Zizek Reader' which I am still avidly reading. I am also in a long struggle to try and finish 'Negrophobia' which I started reading in like June. The book is just a weird head trip.
I am quite the go-getter.

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