blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Day 2: Wherein Camille learns not to mix business with pleasure

So Summer Shakes with The Harlem Shakes and Jonathan Ames and Pop Wheelies was very fun. I ran into friend/client Jay Braun of The Negatones , which added 10 more points of street cred.

I officially have a huge schoolgirl love of The Harlem Shakes.

....Though I felt old in The Shakes' crowd.... Old is not bad when you're only 24, it's actually just maturity.

So anyway I met some cool people, flirted with the Shakes' singer, then realized it would be a better idea to be cool and professional and try to become their booking agent instead. I mean--come on--I already have a really cute rock n roller boyfriend (benjaminickies).

Tonight I'm off to Knife Skills and then Emilyn Brodsky's triumphant return to the NYC stage.

On another note, in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of this blog, I will no longer complain about the lame temp jobs I get or the awful bitch people that work at some of the agencies who call you from home late at night when you're at rock shows to whine about your lack of professionalism. Blech!

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