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television snow in the brain

the new job is good so far. lots of lovely co-workers. yes, i think i'll take it.

the deep dickollective is on the cover of the sf bay guardian i need to hurry up and get back on the bandwagon! i always wanted to do a documentary of them on tour, the whole "homo-hop" thing. i mentioned it to juba in an email congratulating him today, so maybe i will be out on the road soon.... here is one great quote from the article:
"We're not comfortable for black gay people; we're not a comfortable act for white gay people, white straight people, black straight people. We draw people who are actually thinking about identity – dealing with their racism and erotophobia. You don't get to be this cool gay white guy and not called out in some regards. But there are audiences that do get committed to the ideas that we're talking about, and they are doing some soul-searching." - Tim'm T West . I love Tim'm and the D/DC. This article actually made me a little sad. flashbacks...anyway moving on.

I am slowly getting ready for trip to California and then on to Telluride,CO. Just feeling numb about the whole thing.

we are having a schmancy FluxThursday tonight. The menu is as follows:
Appetizers- Veggie Shish-Kebabs
Main- Big Salad and good bread
Dessert- Green Tea Ice Cream
Beverage- Cucumber Lemon Water and BYOB

There should be a lot of Flux people and FluxFriends and some photographer and other people are supposed to come and gawk at us. Come over if you wanna!

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