blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

last week i succeeded in somehow talking the interviewers for the director's guild of america training program out of accepting me. they did however note that i scored extremely high on the test and that i asked the most interesting and intelligent questions of all 60 people they'd interviewed.

i don't think i wanted to do it.

oh and i didn't get in to cuny either, so hrrmph. i gotta buckle down and really build this business. things are going well, i signed the vitamen, barbez, and beat circus in the last few weeks and reverend glasseye just won the wbcn rumble and will start their tour next week.

Glasseye victorious

btw, if you are curious, nothing panned out with the craigslist ad i placed (so many crappy musicians in this city!!), so please refer any good bands you know to me.

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