blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

good things

some things i am loving right now:

- martha wainwright's beautiful voice
- everyone on my roster
- mars volta's the widow
- green day holiday
- guaco locos at san loco on the lower east side
- the circulatory system
- my boyfriend

some things that have sucked:
- going to todd p's party at club europa (the funniest euro-trash venue ever, the bulgarian bar should move there!) to see les georges leningrad and fxxing lion, waiting for 40 minutes while the cheesy sleazy owner toyed with the lasers, and leaving annoyed
- getting home to find a rat riffling through my trash can and proceeding to be too scared to leave the house again to go back to club europa.... thus having wasted $5
- having to go back to working a day job (albeit temp!)

some things i hope to see soon:
- emily brodsky at rubulad tomorrow night
- 70 degree+ weather
- me back in my home office making a living thru this music
- more cozy venues in brooklyn that don't get busted by the 5-0 (let a million basement/loft parties flourish!)
- all my people excelling
- shockheaded peter
- nine inch nails at hammerstein ballroom
- new orleans!! (my friends and snowballs and the circle bar and zotz and one eyed jack's and jacque-imo's and grits and eggs)

it will only get better.

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