blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

A Good New Year Can Be Had

Happy happy everyone. Hope you had a good New Year's Eve.

Not sure whether I mentioned this but I am in dire need of a good smart accountant to help me file my taxes and set up my company. I am a sole proprietor at this point and with a ton of business expenses I need to write off. I also have a slight concern that I may have failed to meet some quarterly filing deadlines... All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

On another note, I just discovered The Arcade Fire ( I guess I was a little late since their show at Webster Hall is already sold out.

Also, yesterday I went to The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. It was pretty fancy, I am planning on learning more about it and briefing my friends as we ride up on Fung Wah bus next year.

And finally, I am looking for a really nice person/couple to live in the apartment below me which has direct access to our huge garden so if you know anyone who would like to live in a roomy space on a busy street but with a backyard. Please lay em on me.

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