blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

eat records

So the show at La Belle Epoque on Saturday went ridiculously well. Well over 300 people came.

It was our best show by far, and the venue --I think-- was happy in the end. It was the first time in the 15 years of the venue (which is Parisian-style restaurant/dance hall) that they have ever had rock bands there. They usually have zydeco, cajun, salsa, and tango. Salsa night is the wildest night I hear.

The Billionaires for Bush had their show right before ours and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich came and there were hundreds of drooling hippies partying and carrying on. I had a few rough moments transitioning from their three-ring circus to our show, but I was able to thinly veil my hatred for hippies, help get the freakiest people out, and let the bands get on with the show.

The line up was New Radio, PECTOPAH, Movers & Shakers, Luminescent Orchestrii, and Les Sans Culottes . Everything went swimmingly and the bands all walked away pleased.

Unfortunately, in our scramble home, Benjamin forgot his accordion at the restaurant so our planned Sunday trip to Philadelphia was aborted because we had to go back and get his accordion. It was a little tough because the workers weren't exactly sure what an accordion
was (was it yellow? how big? look in the coat check).

I was hoping to get to Philly so I could promote the Rock Accordion Summit of Philadelphia which is Friday at the North Star Bar. Hopefully people will flock to the show in droves anyway.

In lieu of the trip, we had Indian food and walked around the East Village. He got a Lawrence Welk record that we didn't listen to yet.
We headed home, and I got a copy of The Who's Tommy for $1 at Eat Records.

.......I have to go back to La Belle Epoque and actually sit down and have a normal meal sometime.

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