blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

yesterday on green street

Yesterday as Ben and I walked up our street on the way back from the video store, we saw a group of men and a woman trying to get into a gypsy cab. The woman was screaming and hitting one of the men who was fighting back and hitting her and punching her in the face. The other two men just looked on and screamed at them, occasionally they would try and grab the man and stuff him into the car but the woman always squeezed herself into the back seat and started hitting the man who was sitting in the front. The man's friends begged the woman to get out of the car but she only got out to chase the man more and box him in the street. My stomach turned and I started to panic the more I saw the man hit the woman. I walked over to the scene and yelled at the woman to just walk away from the guy, but she was much too proud. I tried to make an appeal to the man's friends, but they just shrugged. One turned to me and said "That's his wife, there's nothing we can do." The other friend told me the man had just gotten out of jail, and I told him they better get him to quit beating up on that girl or he's gonna go straight back. The man and woman continued the cycle and I slowly backed away. Ben was on the phone to the police and I became concerned that one of those guys might see him and try to hurt him so I urged him to get off the phone. I looked up at the loft building across the street and spied every hipster within earshot staring out the window on their cellphones, maybe calling the police but then maybe just recounting the incident to their lead guitarist or their Friendster.

Before I'd walked the 50 feet to my door, the cops came whipping around the block from both sides and arrested the whole lot.

A fucking shame. I was ashamed at myself for not doing more to stop the guy. I was saddened that beyond the men's friends, there were men in the neighborhood looking on and not doing anything. Would anyone have done anything if it was me getting hit? Probably not. If it was some white hipster girl getting hit? People would prbably just make some snap class judgement and walk on by ("Must be a polish or something else.."). What does it take?

I am frightened for the wife and for the husband and really upset that violence against women is still so widely accepted. Whether he goes to jail or not, the woman is gonna get her ass kicked. Probably worse if he goes to jail though. The cops definitely made it way worse. She probably still loves him, and thinks it is okay that he hits her. He probably thinks his manhood is his most prized possession.

When and where do I enter?

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