blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,


It seems like I am developing a nasty habit of only updating my blog once a month,

I hope I haven't lost too many friends....Speaking of friends, I deleted my account on Friendster so if any of you find that you are missing a friend, that person might be me. I just couldn't deal with the whole new category of 'friend' it was creating.

People who wouldn't even give me a second glance on the train were requesting to add me as one of their friends. ... I don't like it. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the people I actually do like...

Things are OK. I nearly lost my job a ton of times this week. benjamin diagnosed that i was working with a fundamental misunderstanding of how insurance works so the thing to do was study up. so on thursday i went to the library and got some books and now i am understanding things much better and my boss felt a little better about me. she kept saying "today is much better than yesterday, right?" so i have to keep it up.

i am trying to do my gre and apply to grad school. i feel like i should have put a thousand more hours into this. it all feels so blahzay. i think i just feel lazy and out of my element because i am not in school.

i am planning a night of movies and movie music, with bands who do spy-rock and one rasputina-like band who does sort of orchestral rock. i think we are going to serve popcorn and candy. hopefully a lot of people will come. i think i would go to something like that...

the band is playing an audition at cbgb's at 11:45 PM this sunday ( fu@*#ng late)! if you are an insomniac and you find yourself on the bowery at that time please do come in. it costs $3.

being with someone is weird and exciting all the time. we have fun, but i worry that other people think i don't wanna hang out because i have a boyfriend. i do, i do wanna hang out. more than ever!

p.s. my other roommate is preg-nant! yowza!

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