blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

one last thing, ok maybe two

On Friday, I went to a show that was part of the Hip Hop Theater Festival. It was called 'Black Folks Guide TO Black Folks'. Hanifah Walidah is the shit.
Afterwards, I ended up at this uber-trendy restaurant called Industry hanging out with my friend (Sarah), her friend, and a bunch of rich pretty boys. Upon dinner's end, Sarah and I ditched them and went to Crif Dogs for shakes. Good times.
On Saturday I went and saw Anti-Social Music. I wanted my boy to come along, but he was previously engaged ... I'm glad I still went, it was riveting. I feel like I only enjoyed it a fraction of how much I would have if I really understood it. I have so much more to learn about music and how it works. It was wonderful nonetheless.

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