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regarding the 7/31 post

i am very annoyed to find out that the queens museum project that my collective is working on is part of an event called queens international which some big multi-culti, "look how diverse queens is" event. i was accused in the 7/31 conversation of trying to do identity politics, but i am sure the people who submitted the proposal probably sold the qma on the project by saying "look how diverse we are. we are like the fucking united nations....or at least the EU." and then they have the audacity to attack me for "bringing up issues of identity." i mean read this quote from the qma website:

"Multiculturalism was an art world trend in the 1980s, but on the streets of Queens, the mix of international and local is an everyday reality. According to the latest census figures, Queens is the most culturally-diverse county in the nation. Over 50% of the households in Queens are headed by people not born in the United States and close to 160 languages are spoken in the borough. Queens International recognizes and highlights the borough’s residents and their extraordinary talents as one of its most valuable and distinctive resources."
this is criminally bad. aaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk! what am i going to do with people?
by the way, so far my horoscope for this week has been WRONG WRONG WRONG.

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