blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

clearly (more work crap)

a few weeks ago, i interviewed at an ad agency. they liked me and called me back for a second interview the following week. it was between me and another girl, they told me. they ended up picking the other girl.

friday i got a call from aforementioned ad agency about a position. today i went in. it turns out Other Girl worked there for three weeks and then decided to go work at Nickelodeon (where she had been interning before she got the job at aa). I had a little chat with the woman who would be my boss, she couldn't actually hire me because they have a process they have to go through. on one hand i feel like i was the right girl all along and it is a shoe in, right?
on the other hand anything could happen. really frustrating. i'll keep you posted.

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