blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

bed, bed, bed, i'm going to bed

I am exhausted!
Yesterday was unreasonably hectic. I unexpectedly had a job interview yesterday which I think went well despite the fact that I was wearing my white hoodie and striped corduroy pants.
Afterwards I went to drinks with for my co-worker's birthday at this nice bar/restaurant called Elephant on 1st and 1st where there was some serious money mishaps and I ended up leaving without paying. After that, I went to Yaffa's for my boy's show only to find his car had been towed with his accordion inside. He borrowed his friend's accordion,but not his friend's car. He informed me that we were on the list to go see Corn Mo and They Might Be Giants. We trudged across town, me shlepping my camera and my huge bag of books and he with his friend's accordion (the accordion is gold and sparkly and is named Judy). I was in a bad mood and tired and cranky and bad girlfriend but slowly warmed up and enjoyed TMBG. I liked talking to Corn Mo afterwards and watching his weird rise to stardom. He seems to be in permanent shock. I didn't much care for the other people in his entourage, they mostly seemed depresed and outta luck.
I got home pretty late and fell right into bed. I am not a night time girl at all!

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