blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,


I guess if I am disappointed with the lack of posts coming from my friends, I should be disappointed with myself a well, as I haven't kept up with my end of the deal. I post so rarely these days. A wicked little voyeur, a lurker.

Anyway, here's what's up.
I am managing my man's band.
I am working at a temporary (different from temp) job that ends in early June. I have to find a new job because I need the money badly as I am itching to move out of Flux Factory by the beginning of june. That place just feels more and more like a sinking ship. W
ork prospects are mostly depressing, but there are a few gems. I might work at a church which would be good and maybe spiritually uplifting(??).
I need to start getting serious on grad school stuff.
OK, sorry this was so boring. I will think of something exciting to write soon.
BTW, the Matrix sucked.

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