blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

Sunday Afternoon Swap

Sunday Afternoon Swap.

i will make lovely snacks and appetizers. you will
bring lovely clothes and other lovely things that you
have grown tired of/want someone else to enjoy. you
can also be kind and bring extra hangers if you have
any to offer. things up for grab will be displayed
around the room for your swapping pleasure. it will be
lots of fun!

**be clear***: this is not a dumping ground for
stained t-shirts or things that should be cut up and
turned into washrags. i firmly believe that one man's
trash is another man's treasure, but child, please do
be discriminating.

ok, lemme know you can come. feel free to invite any
well dressed friends you have.

the swap will be from 2-5 on sunday may 25th at the
flux factory. you can find directions to the flux
factory at

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