blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

every which way but up

today was a day set aside just to plot out the next six months. very illuminating. the day would have been great if someone had called me for an interview or offered me a garbage bag full of $100 bills, but alas, neither of those things happened. it was a nice day (weather-wise), but i was in no mood for it.
i am supposed to have this interview for this shady place tomorrow, but i saw this (read 11 april entry)and decided to cancel. i can make better use of the day, i am sure.

i know now that i need to go out and just take any job (not any, but you know), but i don't even know where to start. i did the downtown book store circuit yesterday (can someone tell me what is up with the st. mark's books application?).

i have so much to offer, and i am an insanely hard worker. something will come along. i am too proud a person for this to last for very long....soon i will look back at these posts and laugh long and hard at the way i behaved when i was impoverished... i think i feel a giggle coming already...

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