blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,


yesterday i did a performance with some people on the subway train. like 30 people showed up to see it. it was totally wild. very good learning experience. i would for sure like to do it again in the future. we needed more workshopping of the piece but it was an interesting spectacle and i think people enjoyed themselves. i am proud of myself for accomplishing something, even if it wasn't the most prolific piece of theater ever produced. i am trying...:)

yesterday was our 1 month anniversary :). funny how time flew. we are having fun and all highly educational. yesterday was a very good day and I learned a lot about his character and the way he interacts with other musicians and performers. i think he is learning a lot from me, too. we are good for each other.

(btw, valentine's day was an utter nightmare, and with that another day is added to the growing list of holidays i do not celebrate. ho hum.)

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