blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

this must be the place

my first day of visiting yale is going well all in all. i am being very well received and people are very interested in my project. i am getting solid advice and everyone has been really nice...i am getting very excited!

thursday i have a job interview (thank the lord!)... now if only i could think of something to do on valentine's day with my boy. i was hoping they had opened an entro's in new york by now. it is a high tech restaurant/game lounge that s in sf and seattle. very cool. alas, it hasn't made it here. i am leaning towards some sort of cheesy theme restaurant. i am sure everybody and their mom is gonna be out friday night. i have half a mind to go out in the day or on the next day. the first valentine's day where i actually have a boy and now it is such a bother. blag!
.....wait,hold the presses . check this out Happy Valentine's Day, aw yeah.

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