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I take it all back! I just need to work. I need to work, have money, enjoy myself, do self-enrichment things in my free time. Time costs money which I am running out of. There is no cool or exciting work out there waiting for me. I will flourish when (in a few years)I am returned to my beloved academic environment where I can sit in cafes and argue about Hegel and giggle about Fanon. Where I can have unlimited access to rows upon rows of glorious books and journals. Where I can have unlimited access to film and video equipment and the means to bring my work to fruition. Oh, why did I ever leave?
...Oy! The things we discover when we quit our jobs and try to be free...I think it is such a crime that this system takes advantage of people's indecision; snaps you right up and sticks you in a cubicle. I have learned. Now that I know what I want, I can return to that wretched working world. I am confident that soon I will be back in the ivory tower where I belong.

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