blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

go see this play !!

The play I wanted everyone to go and see is back! Do go see it! I will probably go once or twice more, myself (I have an incurable crush on Jonathan). If you wanna come with me let me know, and I can get in for free.

Written and Performed by Jonathan L. Davidson,
Directed by Passion. Produced by Adrian Grenier
Tuesdays at 8pm Starting again, Jan 21st to Feb 11th

At Surf Reality ,172 Allen St. 2nd floor. Bet. Stanton & Rivington
Take F/V train to 2nd Ave. Exit Allen Street exit walk south look for Iron gates
on east side of the street. Admission $15 or $10 w\ e-mail \ flyer or reservations. Pay at the door. For reservations call 212 673-4182 or email 5% of the total proceeds will be going to "Active Element" an organization that gives grants and support to youth activism in the arts
Any Questions please contact Jon : 917-825-5196
"Once in a blue moon, amidst all the glitzy premiere, dinners, and
rockstar moments, some artsy friend eventually drags your ass to some real
theater. Thank God, too. "

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