blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

positively preposterous

I am finding this whole story SO AMAZING. I don't know if they are reporting it in the states but it's all over the place on the BBC and other British news outlets (which is what I mostly follow).

Long story short:a man went canoeing 5 years ago and disappeared. His family reported him missing and after some time passed he was pronounced dead and his wife claimed the insurance money. About a week ago the man walked into the police station and said he was "a missing person". The police go to alert his wife and it turns out she has recently sold off her house and moved to Panama, but tells the police and media that she's thrilled to hear the news...then their vacation pictures FROM LAST YEAR surface. Uh, WTF?! Read about it here. I hate that I love sensational stuff.

Tags: news, sensationalism

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