blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

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Sudan police throw teacher in jail for teddy bear named Muhammad

Oh my God. I don't think the Qu'ran is tripping off teddy bears and if it is, too bad. There are people dying in Sudan and we are wasting our time on teddy bears called Muhammad? Ugh, when will the world just tell these nitpicky people to fuck off?

I'll be the first.....

Fuck off with this crap.

Don't get it twisted. I don't give a crap about this fat English lady teacher. She can go to hell. I just don't want us to keep bowing to the illogic of all this crap. The worldwide response to this kinda stuff should be a big fat NO and a laugh in the face. Believe what you want but do not expect us to happily go along with it because we are trying to have a functioning sensible world, OK?
Tags: africa, complaining, politics

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