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I saw M.I.A. with Spank Rock last year and really liked her a lot. I saw M.I.A. a few weeks ago at Coney Island and was thoroughly unimpressed. However I just read this really great interview with her on the Fader blog and I believe in her once again.

Initially, I didn’t get formally rejected for a visa. They let me into the US for a bit—a couple of months. I was there to work with Timbaland, but then the visa ran out and I had to come back to the UK. I haven’t been able to get in [since]. So it wasn’t my own choice or actions that led me to become more worldly—I mean I live in the US. My apartment’s there. I don’t have any of my artwork, any of the songs that I’ve been working on. I don’t have my clothes. So everything [on Kala] is built out of wherever I’ve gone. I’ve had no choice but to make the record and become the thing that people always had me down for.

I love her process and her honesty. I will buy her album when it comes out.

Oh, and click the picture and read the cute story about how M.I.A. suggested those baby names.
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