blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

cali girl in a snowy world

i am writing to inform you that i was wrongly attacked in the snow by two young men last night. one was british and the other swedish. so, ok, i admit, we were friendly when we'd exchanged words in my house earlier that evening. i will also concede that i may have mentioned something about attacking them with snowballs and the words 'snowball war' might have been uttered, but--nonetheless--what they did was cruel and uncalled for.
the englishman kicked massive amounts of snow in people's faces while the swede had these massive unhumanly hands and could throw very large snowballs extremely far distances. there was also a fair amount of tackling of others in the snow and throwing as much snow as you could into their face and ears. towards the end of these attacks another trend arose: the placement of large blocks of ice into the pants or shirt of an opponent........... simply horrible. i get shivers just thinking about the barbarism.

thankfully i had two frenchmen as allies. we emerged triumphant. we forgive but we will never forget.

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