blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

whoa! news day

Two really compelling media matters this week.

First off, Mika Brzenzski standing up to report real news instead of pop fluff on Scarborough Country (see video).

Second, journalist, Ken Silverstein, who went undercover to cover unethical foreign lobbyists and is now being attacked by his peers for HIS "lack of ethics"and "subterfuge" .(Thanks, pdanielson)

Chuck Lewis, a former "60 Minutes" producer and founder of the Center for Public Integrity, once told me: "The values of the news media are the same as those of the elite, and they badly want to be viewed by the elites as acceptable."
I'm willing to debate the merits of my piece, but the carping from the Washington press corps is hard to stomach. This is the group that attended the White House correspondents dinner and clapped for a rapping Karl Rove. As a class, they honor politeness over honesty and believe that being "balanced" means giving the same weight to a lie as you give to the truth.

I'll take Nellie Bly any day.

What would be the best way to show my support to these journalists and the few others who have actual journalistic integrity? Is there a fund or should I just send in a letter of support? This behaviour must be encouraged.
Tags: media, news, politics

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