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the shock and horror

I went to see Knocked Up yesterday excited to see a witty and ridiculous fluffy romantic comedy. What I ended up seeing was a blatant and offensive celebration of white male privilege that also doubled as some sort of advertisement for a liberal pro-life agenda.

In case you were wondering, I do have a sense of humor---yes, there were many funny parts (Paul Rudd's commentary on marriage was comic genius), but the funny parts about marriage didn't blind me to the utterly disgusting messages and assumptions at play about pregnancy, unprotected sex, and abortion. If not for Christina (sitting next to me equally mortified) yelling out "Stupid bitch!" at the screen as the rest of the crowd sat silently during a tender moment (as Allison sat in the rubble of the eartquake staring at Ben's bank statement) I don't know if I woulda made it through the entire film. Sitting there cackling at Christina's snide comment was one of the only moments of true levity during those 90 minutes. I'm still not sure whether I should have stayed for the whole thing.

After the film, I sat in Max Fish with a Corona and a large piece of newspaper and mapped out everything on a large sheet of paper, all the relationships, the powerplays, the questions that went unanswered. Why was abortion treated as some back-alley solution and never uttered out-right? Why did "making it work" mean that she had to resume sleeping with Ben? Why didn't she have any friends besides her sister? Why did she only ever make ineffective and hollow gestures at being a tough feminist (refusing to marry him, packing her own bag to go to the doctor)?

That movie was not funny. No, no, no. It was some awful dystopian nightmare.

I would write more, but I am curious to know what YOU (yes, YOU, person on my friends list who raved about it) found so cute and funny about this film.

this is how i looked through the whole film. my blood ran cold.

Tags: criticism, film, horror, knocked up, men, nightmare, pregnancy, relationships, whiteness

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