blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,


yesterday i just realized that my house is perhaps one of the most non-relaxing homes ever. there is just a massive amount of work to do at every turn. yesterday, while putting away the groceries, i discovered a mouse. it panicked, plunged four feet down from the shelf, and hid behind another shelf. i screamed and was momentarily freaked, and then a few of us ended up picking the entire eight foot shelf up and putting it up on metal chairs so that mice will not be able to climb up to it. this took hours.
i love my home, i love most of my roommates and i love the community i have there, but i need to find somewhere to do my relaxing. i am slowly realizing that when i spend the night at other people's houses and wake up in the morning, i am bewildered by the fact that i do not haveto clean the entire kitchen before making breakfast. it is amazing to me.
flux factory is such a bizarro world. it is good that i am able to recognize its strengths and its weaknesses, so that i am realistic about my expectations. i cannot love it for what it is not.

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