blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

i could live on dim sum and smoothies forever and ever

so i went shopping yesterday and got a few things without passing out from claustrophobia or fear of the gift hungry throngs. however, for a moment while searching for a cheap pair of jeans at the gap ("aaaaaaaaaahhh evil!" i know already.),i began to feel like my throat was closing up.i figured it was just general dehydration and fatigue.
on my way back home through penn station, i got a smoothie from smoothie king which was not half bad. i am a smoothie snob. my favorite smoothie is made at this tiny place called Hummingbird Cafe on Euclid Ave in Berkeley. It is called an Orange Stinger and is made with rasberries and orange juice and sherbet and ginger and only the manager of the place can make that one. I miss it, but I found a comparable one here at this place called Cafe Spinoza on Irving Pl. The smoothie is called Blue Mango and is made with blueberries and banana mango frozen yogurt. The only problem is they only have the yogurt in the summer, so I will have to wait til next year. Until then, Smoothie king and other lesser places will have to do. I demand rich flavor at a decent price (under $4!)...DO keep me posted if you think you know of something that you think might please this picky palette.

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