blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

ace of hearts

Yesterday I rushed over to the west side in pursuit of a storybook perfect opportunity. As is oft the case with my life, the opportunity eluded me. I have not led a particularly lucky existence, but I haven't been particularly unlucky either, just..well..neutral. However, that being said, I have quite a knack for creating opportunities for myself. So I don't count last night as a failure. It was an opportunity to walk along the Hudson again. I haven't walked along the west side in years. I ambled past runners and bikers and the bois and gurls and femmes and butches and he-shes and she-hes and who-whats and who-cares and soaked it all in. I am proud of whatever I have been in and to and for this city.

Tags: nyc, queen of hearts, west side

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