blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

last holiday days (the end of sailing): the rest and the race

Day 6

We went into Old Town Rab on this day. It was this old fortified town filled with churches dating back to the 1300s and little old mamas walking around and greeting little old men in overalls and other stuff idyllic stuff. It's kinda where I'd like heaven to be.

After our trip, Vuki taught me some basic nautical knots and upon successful completion he gifted me with an oversized shirt that said S.O.S. - Sex Or Suffer. Yeesh.

Day 7

On this day Gregor woke up, prepared tea for all of us (we'd run out of coffee) and announced that he felt like he'd been run over a truck. Luckily it was time for us to take the boat back, for me to FINALLY take a shower (i only got to take one during the five days- eek!), and to rush all the way back to Ljubljana to try to get on my flight.

Tags: croatia, friends, sailing, vacation

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