blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

to my badass workout crew

(stolen from stumpuous)

14 training thoughts for today

1) It's all easy till it's heavy.
2) If you're bored, it's not heavy enough.
3) If you seek your limits you will find them.
4) The next step off a peak is always down.
5) One should step down rather than fall off.
6) What you see depends on where you stand.
7) The higher you climb, the farther you see.
8) Simple doesn't mean easy.
9) Avoid random acts of variety.
10) Start at your goal and work backwards.
11) The more injured people are, the better they listen.
12) It's a meal, not a party.
13) You train for sport, you don’t do sport to train.
14) If you don't have a goal and a deadline you are just exercising, not training.
- Mark Reifkind, aka Coach Rif, from Power by Pavel newsletter of this year's goals: join the kettlebell cult. Their motto is: ENJOY THE PAIN. Sounds good to me.
Tags: exercise, goals, weightlifting

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