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Last night I watched a documentary on PBS about Alvin Ailey dance that made me want to cry but also to get up and dance. In fact as I sat watching my toes were curling every few minutes, toes that wanted to dance. I've spent a lot of years trying to "keep it real" and going back and forth about modern dance, but the verdict is in: when it is done right, I love it. All bodies, no words. It's fucking great.

There is this argument on Brooklyn Vegan about people in this city not dancing, I am on there arguing about it. The indie rock set doesn't dance and this city being the segregated mess that it is, I don't know where really to find where the wonderful great people who DO dance are. I am going to work on finding them this summer though. I have dancing to do. Everyday at work I am overcome by the urge to throw my hands in the air and jump around. That behaviour is acceptable in very few places. The joy of dancing is in the ability to use your body freely without having to stick to a very rigid form. Dancing and sexing are probably the two best things to do with bodies.


Last night I also downloaded Nirvana- Unplugged in NYC because something reminded me of how that album captured me and made me a fan. I haven't heard it in ages. So I am listening again now.
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