blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

days past

A few things happened while I was away...
On Friday I went and saw Frida with my roommate Elisa. The movie was really beautiful to look at and a really interesting story. The whole piece seemed to radiate with joy, and from what I can tell from the interviews the whole piece was such a struggle that it ended up being a massive labor of love on the part of the cast and crew. I think I will buy this movie when it is released on DVD.
After the movie we went to dinner at Elisa's parents house. It was all quite nice and grown-up. Then we went over to her restaurant and then we went and saw the gorgeous young man in my life at his very nice restaurant. He was under the weather but still very happy and nice. I think that I somehow drank too much, and maybe embarassed myself a little, but it was a nice time.
On Saturday I was supposed to be lazy all day and have a lazy afternoon with Elisa but then we woke up and ended up cleaning up all this junk that people had left lying around the house and running errands and before we knew it the day was gone. We went to the Madagascar Institute party party that night to help out. All the girls of Flux Factory were dressed as Miss World 2002 contestants. I was Miss Nigeria. If you haven't read/heard about the Miss World Pageant this year, you should. I can't believe the contest just went on as scheduled...How insane....
The gorgeous young man was there with a bunch of his friends so we would walk past each other and talk a little and then go back and hang out with our friends. He was still pretty sick, but he was happy and dancing. I had to sell cigarettes from 2-3 but as I was doing it, I started to lose my voice and feel very under the weather. I want and sat down and talked to he and his friedns a bit. The party got broken up soon after. I hugged the beautiful boy and said good bye and he told me something I couldn't understand because he had almost lost his voice. I went out into the snow flurries and took a cab back home with my roommate. I kept going over in my brain whether things went well or not. Who can say? I have to relax about these things.
Yesterday was a big work day over at Flux. After that, we went over to a friend's place and watched the Sopranos. What Paulie did yesterday was NOT ok with me. After that incident, the rape of Dr. Melfi, and the killing of the stripper, I am having some serious questions as to whether it is worth it for me to continue supporting a program that continuously feels the need to depict such brutality against women.
I have lots to think about this week.

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