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weak conneksh

Last night I fell asleep a half hour into watching this very interesting Moyers on America special on PBS about how the telecommunications companies promised us faster fiberoptic connections over a dozen years ago, jacked our money, and NEVER built the infrastructure. Today, the US is lagging behind countries like Korea and Slovenia in terms of connection speed and quality, because we're still running on rickety old phone wires. On top of all that, they are now trying to CHARGE people not just to connect to the internet but an additional charge to navigate it. Basically they are saying we will charge you a toll to pull up onto the onramp and an ADDITIONAL TOLL to get into a lane, with the rates increasing if you want a center lane or a fast lane.

In certain areas like Lafayette, Louisiana, the public municipalities along with a large coalition of local citizens worked to build their own network when the phone and cable companies refused to. Unfortunately due to the overwieleding greed of these private entities, the public projects are being held up in lengthy legal battles. I don't understand why understand is PURPOSELY crippling infrastructure for short term gains. We already know that America is lagging behind in education and so many other areas, its utterly asinine.

Anyway, educate yourself, watch that program(on your slow as molasses connection) and then connect with the groups that are trying to do something about it:

* Teletruth
* Lafayette Coming Together
* Columbia Professor Tim Wu's page on Net Neutrality

Tags: internet, pbs, speed, telecommunications

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