blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

on the day before today

Yesterday I got up early in the morning and went to the supermarket to buy a few more Thanksgiving incidentals.
Yesterday I packed up a huge ten gallon plastic container full of food and went over to a friend of a friend's house to cook turkey, tofurkey, and trimmings.
Yesterday I got home to find that people in the house were happy and drunk and impatient and a little annoyed with me for being 'late')(I was on time!!!).
Yesterday (in the course of the ongoing up and down saga between she and I)I freaked out and yelled at Labrujah and asked her to please not eat as we were still setting up and waiting for a few more people.
Yesterday we had an insane amount of food and drink and a wild array of potatoes of the mashed and sweet variety.
Yesterday we watched a very lovely Thanksgiving video about Thanksgiving 2000 at Flux.
Yesterday they played Werewolf and then Dracula and made a whole lot of noise and ran around and laughed and enjoyed themselves, while I curled up in bed and tried to catch some zzzzzs.
Yesterday was kind of a blur.

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