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I am currently poring over the New York vs. London issue of New York magazine that I picked up on Saturday (you can read the articles online here). SO, hmmm people in London definitely seem to be having more fun, but it is definitely more expensive and the food is not even as good as New York (and I am continuously unimpressed by food in New York, but at least there is a variety of sucky food). Lots to mull over.

Today my only goal is to have a good hearty laugh with a member of the human species. I have no idea how it's gonna happen but I'm shooting for it.


I can't believe how much I miss working out. Yesterday, I was reading through the Gym Jones website. Gym Jones is an invite-only gym where all the actors trained for the movie 300. The website gives pretty extensive info on their workouts. I was salivating as I read (and not just because of the chiseled bodies). One of the things I'd spend money on--if I had it--is a badass trainer. I would love to be in good enough shape to get invited to a place like Gym Jones. I'm gonna take these next few weeks to set some new lifting goals.... but first, I still have to go for that massage!

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