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Last night I dragged AV Phibes out to a party full of strangers to celebrate a stranger's 40th birthday and then over to Third Ward to see BARR and boyfriend scout for claudelemonde because I want her to date Brendan Fowler from BARR but I had to make sure he wasn't short. He was very tall, but alas he has been girlfriended. Anyway he was cute and nice and the show was great and very fun and it was HIS birthday too! I had to scurry out after their set because I was too old for what was happening there. We went over to Enid's where I proceeded to talk to a bunch of men/goobers I wasn't into and then ingest a mouthful of pepper spray.

Anyone who wants to be with me needs to have a strong constitution and a good sense of humor.

Anyway here are some more pictures of BARR Birthday Bonanza.

Tags: barr, cultural event, nyc, third ward

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