blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

"Comfort can lull you into a dangerous tranquility."-andre gregory

i have been watching my dinner with andre these evenings. i am pretty slow at getting through an entire movie because i never really sit down and concentrate if i am in my house. also, sometimes it is nice to let things sink in slowly over days. i usually try to pause the dvds at cliffhangers (if the movie has them).
this movie is basically just a two hour conversation between two friends but it is one of the most interesting lively films i have ever seen. the characters are such great story tellers that you are just gripped by their every word. i highly recommend this film...........

on another note, i got into a little scuffle with some of my roommates yesterday because they were watching buffy and i kept talking and making snide comments through the whole thing. i guess they take the whole thing very seriously. i will admit it I AM A TV TALKER. i even talk to the screen when i am alone in my room, especially when i am by myself. i throw things and boo. i like to participate. no apologies.

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