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just keep bringing myself there

So swimming lesson #2 was rougher than last week. The instructor worked with us on gliding and kicking. Then we moved on to floating on our backs. I did not do so swell. I would glide a bit then thrash and kick and get water up my nose and coming back upright. We went on like this for quite some time and the hour flew by and I hadn't tackled it. I trudged back in to the showers well frustrated. As I was changing back into my clothes the two other girls from the class came up to me and told me I was doing really well. I didn't believe them at first, I knew I wasnt the worst swimmer ever but I didn't feel I was doing particularly well either. One of the girls, A, is swimming very well at the intermediate level and the other girl, S, is a beginner like me, but seems to be catching on a bit faster. Well it turns out S took the class in the last session and stopped coming after three lessons because she couldn't get past the point of putting her head under water. A (who only went into the water for the first time in September)says she also struggled a lot because she was very afraid of the water. They said the best thing to do was not worry just "keep bringing myself there" every week. I felt much better after talking to them. Next week I will do it.


In other news, I have been thinking a lot about ned_vizzini's post from a few days ago about friends(and potatoes) and how-- while I have a lot of friends who are different from me and bring a lot of new things to the game,--I have almost no friends who ARE like me and like to do the things I like to do (mostly go out drink, dance, chase boys, crack wise, and get in a little art), it's funny how hard it is to get that equilibrium. Ahh well. It's not at the top of the list of concerns but it's on the list and a contributing factor to some of the things higher on the list.

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