blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

the new isolationism

I'm reluctantly advertising the fact that I like this song I just heard today. Elvis by These New Puritans (posted by frain). They may already be famous, but I hope not. I miss those days in school where you could discover a new band and drop their song on a mixtape to a friend and they'd become a fave, a small swell of fans, not the Next Big Thing. I understand musicians want to make a living, but I sometimes live for the small treasures. For this reason, I have challenged myself to see how long I can go without listening to the new Arcade Fire. I'm sure it's great. I just don't wanna be involved.

Speaking of not wanting to be involved. Drowned In Sound did an interersting article about SXSW from the Brit perspective that made me feel sorta puffed up and proud about not going this year (even though it's really because I can't afford to). I'd like to make it in this industry, but if God has something else in store for me, I'll accept it. That's been my attitude about everything these days, really.

UPDATE: ....And so the Office Asshole(TM) decides to blast the album through the office. Back to sending out resumes.
Tags: art rock por vida, life, music, skinnywhiteboywatch, sxsw, these new puritans

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