blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

what i'm reading now + cultural event# 1 and 2

"The creative personality does not seek to shock or entertain the rich, but to destroy them."

I am reading Ian Bone's book Bash The Rich: True Life Confessions of an Anarchist in the UK. It was part of the magnificent pile of books Christina gave me on Monday and though it is a little overstuffed with confusing Britishisms I am enjoying it. Ian Bone was once named "the most dangerous man in Britain", good times.

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Last night I went to the Madsteez opening. It was just OK. To be honest I was weirded out to be in a room full of people my age group and not run into anyone I knew or even recognized. Slightly unnerved, I left and met up with Sarah who it turns out wanted to check out the show. So I walked her back over there and we each grabbed a cup of Coke Zero, peoplewatched, art-oggled, and talked. The experience was much more pleasant than the first time, which goes to show that things are always better when you're with a friend.

Tonight I am going to Thor/miraclejackson's launch party for his new graphic novel.

Oh, and apologize for not getting in anything cultural last week. I've got some things doing on Friday and Saturday so I'll make up for it a bit. I'm glad I set the weekly quota (two cultural events a week) even though it is a pain to go out and do stuff in the cold.

Tags: activism, anti, art, cultural event, nyc, politics

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