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the urgency of life AND cultural events #2 and 3

Friday I went to the overpacked show at Cinders with my buddy Evelyn, and then to a gallery clled Parker's Box and then to Korean food, and then out with betchka and claudelemonde and several other folks. Saturday I did not much and foolishly forgot about slyseeker's birthday and then today my lovely Sarah came to church with me and then on to brunch. Sarah is fantastic. Lest anyone think I am an utterly unappreciative sod, I just want to say that I know that the friends I have and the friends I make really are some of the most ace people ever; just brilliant and beautiful and full of fire.

I am deep in the midst of sorting my life out. If I think of it as giving birth would it be more pleasant? Here are some snaps.

Tags: cultural event, friends, nyc

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