blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

travel light, travel far

yesterday while talking on the phone with my mother, i asked her to stop and think about her ridiculous line of conversation. something about my brother having appropriate dress shirts for some hypothetical job interviews he could be going on. i asked her whether she knew what he wanted to do, whether she'd had actually had a conversation wherein she openly and honestly listened to him talk about what he wanted his life to be. she did not, she had not. i was not trying to be condescending or self righteous, i was just asking. i'm just beginning to see now that i'm going to have to turn everything upside down, empty out, throw things away to move forward.
let's begin.

please watch this.

mathieu boogaerts - ondule'

i will buy this album this week (FINALLY).

i'm also chewing on this curious little post by buster regarding this McLeod Residence place they've started in Seattle. something about how everybody deserves an extraordinary life. i'll raise my glass to that.

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