blackgirlgenius (olamina) wrote,

a whole new world?

Ever dream of touring with a band?

this is your lucky day! Earl Greyhound is looking for a tour manager! Earl Greyound is a band of very lovely young people one of whom I actually lived with (along with 149 other people) during my freshman year of college.

It's worth the price of admission just to watch young girls swoon over Matt every night. Ha ha.

here's the deets:

Hey people that we love,

Earl Greyhound is putting it out there for a "tour manager/cohort" for
our upcoming tour starting jan 16th-- if any of you are interested or
know someone who might be interested please get in touch! i know it's
very short notice for the new yorkers, so if you know anyone in one of
the towns we're visiting who might be interested in hopping on for
part of the way, then please send over to them... in return for a lot
of driving, a bit of lifting, and a bit of merch-selling, our cohort
will receive a month-long, all-expenses-paid trip around the country
(see tour skej below) in our luxurious blue chevy gladiator van! if
we make it back with any cash, then we'll compensate you the best we

adventure perks include:
morning coffee with as many of those little flavored creamers as you can take!
ricc's amazing library of 60's and 70's tapes, driver's pick!
heady conversations!
salad bar at whole foods whenever we hit a big town!
meditative views of great expanses of canadian and american winter heartland!
random heartland hotels!
a week of california sunshine!
good vibes!
rock n' roll every night!

if that didn't sell you, then maybe our exciting port-of-calls will!!
1/16 Boston!
1/17 Montreal!
1/18 Toronto!
1/19 Detroit!
1/20 Chicago!
1/21 Minneapolis!
1/25 Seattle!
1/26 Portland!
1/28 San Francisco!
1/31 Los Angeles!
2/1 San Diego!
2/3 Las Vegas!
2/7 Denver!
2/8 Omaha!
2/9 Columbia!
2/10 St. Louis!
then back to NYC!

any takers?



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