February 5th, 2007



Whether it be a bankrobbery or a hunting expedition, I'm on the lookout for something to say yes to....

Here are pictures from days gone by (in no particular order).

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....something besides FOOD. :)

Actually, despite appearances to the contrary, eating right and going to the gym are the only things I've got going for myself at the moment.
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not your metabolism after all...

From BBC/ via stumptuous

Do you have a friend who can eat anything she wants and never put on weight? Do you simply look at a cake and feel your waistline expanding? Think it’s all down to your metabolism? Think again.

We found two best friends, Becky and Jo, with very different shaped bodies who think that how much you can eat is all down to your metabolic rate.

We decided to dispel this myth once and for all by closely watching, and testing our friends over the course of 10 days. Not completely trusting them to record their food diaries accurately, we also placed cameras around their homes and used our secret weapon- doubly labelled water. Without our volunteers realising, we could see exactly how many calories they were consuming and the energy they used to move around just by examining their daily urine samples. By asking them to keep the food diaries we could also see whether they were being truthful with themselves.

At the end of the week did their urine results match their food diaries? Not quite. Becky and Jo’s urine samples showed that although they did a similar amount of activity Becky ate 50% less per day than Jo.

"the larger you are the higher your metabolic rate"

In fact, the larger you are the higher your metabolic rate, the amount of energy your body uses at complete rest, will be. This is because when your body is at complete rest larger people need more energy to pump the blood around the body and to keep moving. Just as a big car uses more fuel so a bigger person uses more energy.

So, next time you go to blame your metabolism for your weight, remember the cold hard truth - thin people eat less.